BlueTooth Speaker UPDATE 1.0

Now that Kasa Tech has all the parts and manufacturing partners for a working bluetooth speaker we are now working a on a design to fit all the components inside. We are planning on a sleek and minimalist design of this bluetooth speaker. The will test it with 3D printing technology and in the future we will create a mold base for the outer shell to create a smooth and glossy finish with an option to have the look to be non glossy or matte. If you have any suggestions or requests on design. Please let us know!

Ever since I was a little kid I always loved building inventions and contraptions. I remember I always collected scraps of cardboard, wires, motors and a bunch of other types of components salvaged from broken electronics. I always raced to get to them before the garbage truck did! I built little generators, cars, planes and a few other things. Fast forward I to when I was about 15 years old I had to beg my parents for 3D printer and that’s where things really heated up.

3D Printing Printer