3D Printing Printer

If you ever had a 3D printer then you might fall into the same trap that comes with all of them. The wait. No one wants to wait for their part to be made for hours just to begin another part and wait more! It’s time to adapt and make more with less! With this 3D printer you can make up to 4 parts at the same time and take up to only 20 inches cubed of space all together. Now that’s a great trade off! The printer comes assembled and ready to go off the box thanks to our testing before we ship it. Before we ship it we test and calibrate it so that you the customer can begin making things that you love! Like always any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Ever since I was a little kid I always loved building inventions and contraptions. I remember I always collected scraps of cardboard, wires, motors and a bunch of other types of components salvaged from broken electronics. I always raced to get to them before the garbage truck did! I built little generators, cars, planes and a few other things. Fast forward I to when I was about 15 years old I had to beg my parents for 3D printer and that’s where things really heated up.


BlueTooth Speaker UPDATE 1.0


BlueTooth Speaker