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What is 3D Printing?

This article is made to make understanding 3D printing as easy as possible. We both understand that 3D Printing is a very complicated and technology that came out the cage. Without anymore delay let's dive right into it!

So 3D Printing is basically a spool of plastic that is converted into any shape that you want it to.

The spool comes in a roll of plastic kind of like yarn but plastic instead of yarn. This is the form of plastic that comes in the box before you feed it into the 3D printer to shape it into whatever shape you like.

There are programs that you make yourself or get online for free that makes the "Extruder Head" move in paths that creates the object that you desire.

The extruder head is the part of the machine that heats up and melts the plastic as it is being pushed through a small pin sized hole at the end of the tip. As the machine moves the extruder head around it is slowly pushing plastic little by little resulting in leaving a trail of material. After a while the trails of material stack up on each other and in the 3D printing world we call those layers.

The more layers you have the more you get to see your virtual part on the computer come to life!

Programing the machine.

Luckily this part is automated with a easy to use software called a "3D slicer". An example of these softwares is "Simplified 3D". This basically converts the CAD Data into a language your 3D printer can understand. CAD Data can be designed yourself or download freely online. Once you have the converted cad data onto a usb or SD Card you just plug it into the 3D printer and press go.

If you read this article and are still confused.

Don't worry this is some complicated stuff. It took me years to understand what I know now and am still learning everyday because it is such a new industry. If you want to get right to making things and not worry about the 3D printing aspect then use my 3D printing service.

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