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Top 5 Things to 3D Print with your Printer

Hey what’s going on everyone today We’re going to delve into the top 10 things to 3D Print! Now I want to start off with letting you know that I have my own 3D Printer and I can confirm that these are actually must 3D print categories.

Number 5 - Awesome Animals

Animals are awesome to 3D Print however, what is even better is if they are semi functional. They use for great toys to fiddle with when bored or pondering about something. They also give you great ideas if they just lay on your desk and the most important part of them all is that they provide awesome visual appearances to your work or home desk!

I mean your really meaning to tell me that this 3D Printed Dinosaur wouldn’t be awesome to 3D Print and put on your desk to admire? If you think it’s cool to admire then its scaled up 3 or 5 times its size!

What about this awesome 3D Printed Dragon/Bird thing. I mean honestly the person who designed these is an absolute genius and an amazing artist. If you want to check out his full collection check it out here!

Number 4 - Backup and Replacement Parts

Whether you own an Ender 3, Ender 5, MakerBot Replicator+ or a Prusa i3 your 3D printer will eventually run into problems. Whether parts start breaking apart or wearing down you need to prepare for the moment that it does. Outsourcing 3D Printing can be expensive because people will take advantage of the situation. Luckily we offer unbiased 3D printing services here at Kasa Tech at an really low cost.

Number 3 - Household ornaments

Having 3D Printed Household ornaments and desk figurines are completely different even though they might not seem like it.

Here’s a clear example of why you should 3D Print Household ornaments. This amazing ornament that’s found on thingiverse is made by hopewithus which has a big presence on the platform. This can easily be customized with a free CAD software with your name on it.

You can find hopewithus’s free files here!

Number 2 - Functional 3D Prints

Functional 3D printing is probably the main reason why 3D Printing was invented in the first place. Creating parts that you can actually save you money and work better are a major bonus of having a 3D Printer. Here is a list of them

  • Water Pump

  • improvements on you 3D Printer

  • Electric Generator

  • Toothpaste Squeezer

  • Whistle

  • Adjustable Wrench

  • Hair Combs

Check out this 3D printed water pump here!


The last thing you should make with your 3D Printer is another 3D Printer! This is an amazing project that you should definitely do because 3D printing takes time and having more than one increases the speed by double especially if you only have one to start with! I know myself I have a lot of them because I hate waiting for 3D Prints! Printing multiple pieces to a project is incredibly useful!

If you guys found anything cool in this blog be sure to order a 3D print from me to support Kasa Tech. As always have a great day!




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