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Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Campaign

What is it?

A Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

The Vision The KASA Project.

I want to make a bluetooth speaker that will plays great music and answer questions, play songs and call people that you want to call when you ask it to. The initial speaker will only play music via bluetooth however, we will be adding more capabilities to the speaker in the future models. The money will fund research and development of this project as well as future projects too!

Hey Kasa, How will it be made?

I will be 3D Printing some of the bluetooth speakers and creating a mold base for the majority. The electronics will be ordered but designed and programmed by me. We will strive to use Bluetooth 5.0 however, if we are not able to we will revert to 4.2. The Lithium ion battery will have 1000mah or 1400mah. The only downside is that it is not fully waterproof. The speaker can get wet and still operate however, it cannot be fully drenched in water or it will eventually malfunction. For anything else I may have forgotten send me a question.

Hey Kasa, How much does it weigh and what are the dimensions?

Dimensions: 2.375 * 2.375 * 2.375 inches

Weight: ~4 OZ

Available in many colors too!




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