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Cura Slicer Over Simplified 3D Slicer

Updated: Mar 12

In this post we will be describing why Kasa Tech is transitioning to Cura Slicer and away from Simplified 3D. This is being written to inspire and encourage everyone who has a 3D Printer to so the same. The statements in this blog are going to be very compelling and will without doubt make you want to transition to Cura Slicing software as well!

For the longest time we have been using Simplified 3D because the Quality of prints we received from this slicer was much better than any other Slicing software at the time. Over time this did not age like fine wine however, degraded. This is because many other slicing platforms have caught up to simplified 3D and in some cases have over performed Simplified 3D. In this case we are only going to include Cura Slicer because that is what we are now using to Slice our 3D Prints.

Now let's get to the point

Why on earth would you pick Cura Slicer over Simplified 3D? The main reason why we chose Cura Over S3D, for short, is because of the print speeds. Not only the fact that the print speeds are faster however, the estimates that Cura gives over S3D is much more accurate and precise. Cura helped us shave down the 3D Printing speeds down 30% which is a significant amount when considering our large 3D Printing Farm.

We too at first were cynical and though we would lose something in return for 3D Printing speeds, WRONG! Think again. Cura allows us to achieve high speeds while maintaining great quality. There is no trade off but only positives that come from this decision. We are very happy with this choice and will be continuing to improve our print quality as well as print speeds with Cura.

Some screenshots of the software

How so?

Even though S3D is known for its massive amount of options compared to other slicers Cura has caught up and even surpassed them on that as well. Cura has endless options for professionals like us to tinker and tweak the smallest and most subtle differences. This gives us much more control of our 3D Printers while keeping it simple with having a search feature that S3D does not allow us to do when tweaking our 3D Printers. If we had to estimate the amount of settings are most likely 200+. This might be a headache for some however, for us this is a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge towards are contenders.

The best part is that the software is open source so many people can tinker with the slicer programing it self! So what are you waiting for?





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