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3D Printing with Wood Filament

3D Print Wood filaments. There are plenty of 3D Printing filaments and materials however, what's so great about 3D Printing in wood? We'll I'm glad you asked. In today's blog post we are going to discuss why you should or should not 3D Print in wood. Let's get right into it!

Wood Filament

3D Printing wood filament is great for artistic creations and endeavors. When designing in 3D with the intent to 3D Print with wood you should really consider how strong the wood is and how it will look. The strength of 3D Printer wood filament is slightly weaker than PLA filament but still pretty good for being an artististic material. Some cool tricks you can do to enhance the look for Wood filament is staining the wood!

Staining Wood Filament

Staining 3D Printed Wood Filament is pretty cool and acts like normal wood. This is because wood filament is made up of wood shavings and mostly made out of wood. You can just brush up the 3D Printed part with regular stainer.

Secret tricks with Wood Filament

When 3D Printing Wood Filament its really cool to know some of the things many people won't tell you. This is good to know because you can be different and unique to everyone! One of the secret tricks is the temperature. 3D Printing wood filament requires a temperature of 90-240°C with the optimal temperature being 205°C. In a test found on thingiverse you can actually change the layer pattern of the filament with temperature. This means that by changing the temperature of the nozzle you can actually change the look of the wood during that layer or layers. Take a deeper dive of this test here!

Cool things to 3D Print with Wood Filament

Tree Stump

An amazing Tree stump that holds your pens on your desk. Stay more organized and neat with a nice looking, great smelling wood tree stump pencil holder!


A cool 3D Printed Wood basket that folds in and out!

Big Ben Tower

3D Print an industrial model of a massive tower all in 3D Printing wood Filament!

Where to buy?

If you enjoyed wood filament as much as I do you should definitely buy some here. You can find some real deals!




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