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3D Printing With PVA Filament


Now PVA 3D Printing Filament is a very unique filament. 3D Printing PVA Filament is good when you’re 3D printing a very difficult material that cannot be printed with regular support. Without further delay let’s dive right into it!

About PVA Filament

This section we’re going to talk about what goes in PVA Filament and how/when to use it. I think what we should start with is the only filament that is water soluble. It is only useful in multi extruder head 3D Printers because it is mainly used for support.

It is used only for support because of its water solubility feature that it has. Having a water soluble material creates a much more superior support because it can be dissolved within large tubes that need support. Without being able to dissolve the 3D printed support where you need it you cannot remove the 3D printed support and this is why you need PVA

Filament. PVA Filament is used mainly for support so you can 3D Print crazy parts with hollow features in the 3D Printed Parts.

In order to 3D print this 3D printing filament you need to set your extruder nozzle temperature to 170 degrees celsius.

You also don’t need to worry about your bed temperature because it does not need a heated bed. This 3D printing filament can be dissolved at any water temperature however, the warmer the water the faster it dissolves.

This stuff is literally magic for supports!


I found some 3D Printer PVA Filament here on amazon which is of great quality. You can find 0.5 KG of 3D Printing PVA Filament for around 35 to 45 bucks.




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