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3D Printing With PLA Filament


In the previous blog we talked a little bit about all of the other filaments you can 3D Print with your 3D Printer. In this blog we are going to talk about PLA in depth and how you can get the best prints with it

Specifications of PLA Filament

Some details of PLA Filament stands for polylactic acid. PLA comes in many colors and widely available in many places at a low cost. When under stress breaks immediately and does not bend like ABS Filament. Available in 1.75mm and 3.00mm thickness of filament strand.

How To

To 3D print PLA filament the sweet spot of temperature is at around 195 Celsius and at around 50 mm/s. PLA is known to be one of the easiest materials to 3D print in because of it does not require a heated bed to 3D print upon. Unlike ABS you cannot acetone bath pla to smoothen out the outer layer, you can only sand it with sanding paper or a file.


When 3D printing PLA you might smell something weird but there’s nothing to worry. It does not release any non toxic gases. What your smelling Lactide. You can heat treat PLA by leaving the 3D printed PLA part in heated water which makes the PLA Plastic layers more stronger by fusing them a little more. PLA is also food safe so you can 3D Print forks and bowls for that matter if you want to 3D Print stuff like that. The only danger you need to worry about PLA is that it is flammable.


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