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3D Printing With ABS Filament


This blog is going to talk about ABS filament and how you can get great prints. This is a how to get perfect prints with abs filament and information about abs filament.

About ABS Filament

ABS Filament which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is first of all is NOT food grade and is should not be used for food related purposes.

It’s also very difficult to 3D Print because it does require a heated bed of a temperature of at least 90 degrees celsius. This is because it might warp and slightly peal off the bed of the 3d printer as it’s 3d printing. Because of it does need a heated bed it will require a significant more amount of power to maintain the 3D printer.

The extruder of the 3D printer needs to be at at around 230 degrees celsius and 250 degrees celsius. This is because ABS Filament is much stronger than PLA Filament. The ABS filament actually bends when gets hit rather than breaking apart like PLA Material does.

ABS filament comes in at 1.75mm or 2.85mm thickness raw and you can buy it at around 20 USD for decent quality. I linked a trusted source right here.

How To Get Perfect Prints with ABS Filament

In order to get perfect prints with ABS you need to start the first layer of the 3D Printing Process with a speed of around 30mm/s. You also should have the heated bed calibrated with a piece of paper so you have the perfect amount of distance between the extruder nozzle and heated bed. lastly you need to make sure there is enough cooling being blown on the nozzle so that the new material coming out is immediately cooled and does not move from the spot it was meant to be on. If you do not have enough cooling on the newly laid material you will receive blobs, stringing and other results that correlate with poor 3d prints.

If 3D printing ABS is something that you might not be able to accomplish you can always use our low cost 3D printing service to 3D print ABS for you. As always have a great day!




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