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3D Printing: What materials can I print in 3D?


Today we’re going to talk about 3D Printing and what can you 3D Print in 3D. This is going to be exciting! Some of the materials we are going to go through are PLA, ABS, ASA,PVA,PETG,TPE, Wood and various metal 3D Printing filaments. We’re going to give you a brief summary about each of these 3D Printing materials because there is so much information that goes into each of these different types of material. So without further delay we are going to start with ABS, PLA and ASA 3D Printing materials!


The first 3D Printing filament is PLA which is some of the lowest strength filaments. PLA does have some of its upsides though. Some of the positives that come out PLA is that it is very low cost and has many vivid colors which is great for presentations. Costs for PLA Filament ranges between 14.99 for decent quality 3D Printing PLA Filament. It can go up to around 34.99. We suggest you buy 3D Printer filament around 25 USD so that way you are assured that you will receive quality filament.

Check HATCHBOX Filament because they are very well known for great quality filament.


ABS and ASA 3D Printing Filament are very similar in strength however, ASA filament is basically weather proof compared to ABS wears down to UV and other forms of erosion. ABS & ASA filament is very strong and great for real world mechanical applications. The price ranges around 17.99 to around 44.99 USD.

Check out some ASA Filament here. The colors are not as much vivad as PLA but it makes up for the color in strength.


Now PVA 3D Printing Filament is a very unique filament. This is the only filament that is water soluble. It is only useful in multi extruder head 3D Printers. 3D Printing PVA Filament is good when you’re 3D printing a very difficult material that cannot be printed with regular support.

I found some 3D Printer PVA Filament here on amazon which is of great quality. You can find the prices to be around 20.99 to around 27.99.


3D Printing PETG Filament is pretty good depending on what you’re using it for. It does depend because PETG is semi flexible. Because of this it may not be the best material if you need a very stiff material however, it is able to absorb a lot of shock. This is because of the very nature of its flexibility. PETG material is a pretty good filament all around though and we do recommend it if it your part is going to go through a lot of beating because it can absorb a lot of damage.

You can find PETG 3D Printing Filament anywhere around 18.99 USD to around 27.99 USD.

Check out various PETG Filament here.


3D Printing TPE filament is probably one of the coolest filaments out there because of its complete flexibility. It is very much rubber like but is very difficult to print with. You cannot 3D print with a Bowden style extrusion system however you can make awesome gaskets with it. TPE filament is great for 3D printing gaskets and seals to block off anything you might need that you can’t with regular solid filaments.

You can find amazing TPE Filament here. One of the most expensive TPE brands are NinjaFlex going at around 45 USD to around 80 USD. Usually they sell around 25 USD.


Some of the most difficult filaments to 3D Print with your 3D Printer is Metal Filament. This makes 3D Printing TPE Filament easy to 3D print. Very few people are able to 3D Print in metal because of its abrasiveness to the nozzle of the 3D Printer. If you can get you hands on metal filament you will notice that you can 3D print Copper, Iron, Brass and Bronze. Alongside with being very brittle the more metal to plastic ratio the manufacture adds to it.

Because of its difficulty to 3D Print most vendors don’t sell it but you can expect to buy this 3D Printing filament for no less than 60 USD and up to 120 USD. Yeah It’s that expensive…


3D printing in wood filament is absolutely amazing. You can actually smell the wood and it smells amazing. We’ve never tested the the durability or strength. We recommend that you use it for visual purposes and not for applications that require strength. 3D Printing in wood filament is more a novelty than a utility.

3D printing wood filament prices are a bit more elevated compared to other filaments pricing out at around 25 buck. You can find wood 3D Printing filament here if you’re in the market to buy some.


Be sure to visit our blog where we go more in depth about each of these filaments




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