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3D Printing Ultra Smooth ABS Parts


3D Printing can be difficult however, once you get a rhythm going you might want to create better and better parts. This is another option to improve the quality of your prints to bring your 3D Prints to the next level.

Great Photo from Matterhackers showing you the before and after effects of acetone on ABS 3D Printed Parts.

How to smooth 3D Printed ABS

Now making smooth ABS Parts is very easy but you won’t be able to do it alone. The first thing you need to buy in order to smoothen your 3D Printed abs parts is ACETONE! When acetone and 3d printed abs parts make contact they chemically react in a way that forces the abs to melt. When the abs melts it fused the layers together so well that it makes it almost to the point that they are injection molded.

  1. Place the 3D Printed part on a flat platform with a paper towel separating the part and platform.

  2. Pore acetone on the part unless you have a chamber then place acetone around the part and wait.

  3. That's it!

The Paper Towel

The reason you need paper towel is because if you do not have a paper towel separating the part. The part will stick to the platform and will be hard to remove. If you have chamber just pore acetone around the part.

The Chamber

If you do this the acetone will evaporate in the air and the 3D Print will react to the acetone via the vapor rather than making direct contact. Just make sure the chamber is well sealed.


There are somethings to worry about acetone though. Acetone evaporates really quickly and it is not good to inhale it because of it will cause brain damage if inhaled a lot. So it would be a good idea to have somewhat of a mask and be in a well ventilated area. You should also be sure that your not doing this near any fires because it is extremely flammable.


  1. You can get Acetone here.

  2. You can get ABS Filament here.

  3. You can get a mask for acetone here.




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