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3D Printed Housing

I believe we can all agree that this in itself is a huge step forward. In previous revolutions crop yields improved and later let to a dramatic increase in population. This revolution is different. 3D printing has the ability, if implemented correctly, can change nearly all industries. This includes the housing market.

With production time as low as 24 hours and costs less than 10,000 USD for a house it's a no brainer. This will make a big impact and there's very little that current construction companies can do but to adapt with the times. I remember before I moved into my house we had to wait more than 5 months for the house to be fully complete. Many think that the electrical and plumbing takes a long time: it doesn't. The majority of the time is spend building the exterior of the house.

You might be wondering who are the players with their hat in the game? Some of the

companies that are giving birth to a new industry are:

  • iconbuild

  • Batiprint

  • Apis Cor

  • WASP

and a few others. Each of those companies taking a different approach on printing houses. Let me know if I should make more articles around 3D Printed houses! As always have a great day.




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